Individual clients

I will take care of your civil, family, labour or administrative cases. I am also more than capable of conducting cross-border cases, i.e. those with the participation of parties living or established outside of Poland, including cases before the foreign courts as well as those where the application of foreign law is needed.

Here are some examples of such categories of cases:

  • Successions and wills, succession certificates, division of inheritance
  • Divorce, matrimonial property division, parental responsibility, child maintenance
  • Real property – buying and selling, disputes concerning real property, including tenancies
  • Labour law - restoration to a post, compensation
  • Enforcement of judgments - including enforcement in other countries


I offer comprehensive legal services for small and medium enterprises, which includes handling their particular cases. I advise on the most suitable choice for incorporating businesses in Poland, and carry out necessary administrative and registry formalities, including obtaining permits and licences. I prepare contracts and provide support in negotiations with business partners, suppliers, service providers and customers. I carry out debt recovery including out-of-court negotiations with debtors, as well as the enforcement of judicial decisions. I am an expert in cross-border debt recovery through the use of European procedures..

Foreign entrepreneurs

I offer comprehensive services related to the secure launching and carrying out of business in Poland. I represent foreign businesses in disputes with Polish entrepreneurs, workers and public administration. I speak English and French.

Clients from the Kingdom of Belgium

Due to my frequent travels to Belgium, I offer the possibility of direct contact in Belgium.

How much does it cost?

My fee depends on the complexity of the case and efforts necessary to solve it. In settlements with individual clients and for single commercial cases, I prefer lump sum remuneration, agreed with the client after the initial analysis of the case. This way, the client has full clarity with regard to my remuneration and a guarantee of my effectiveness.

For businesses, I offer flexible remuneration patterns, consisting of monthly lump sum payments or hourly rates.